About Us

Kerry Engagement brings colleagues of the Kerry Group together, because the whole is greater than the sum of parts. We hope colleagues forge friendships, create memories and live a little better through our platforms.

Jigsaw was created in 2014 on the back of colleagues' feedback on social issues that they were interested in supporting through volunteering. Activities focus on children and youth, the elderly and the environment, and are driven by volunteers.

Raindrop started with a counselling hotline in 2016, and has since evolved to support employees' children, through internships and bursaries for example. Raindrop also organizes workshops, such as retirement, caregivers and mindfulness, and extends care to employees' ageing parents through subsidized products and services.

Sports and Exploring Kerry are our more recent platforms. Our sports clubs and competitive leagues welcome players of all levels. Exploring Kerry's events hope to deepen colleagues' understanding of the Kerry Group and one another.

Colleagues can also find discounts from the Kerry Group’s various businesses and clients through Kerry Engagement.

Join us! We look forward to meeting you.