09 Jul 2022 - 06 Aug 2022
Dim Sum Soft Meal Cooking Workshop

Eating is a joyous, lifelong pleasure! However, as we get older, chewing and swallowing can be difficult. In July and August, Kerry Engagement organized 4 Dim Sum Soft Meal Cooking Workshops with Captain Softmeal, to enable colleagues to learn and make their own dim sum soft meals, and share with their loved ones. Captain Softmeal is well known for its transformative approach in tackling the future of aging. Their scrumptious soft meal mimic the original forms of food, encouraging elderly with Dysphagia to regain the pleasure and dignity of eating. 

Followed by the workshop, colleagues were given a Gerontech and Home Care Furniture Showcase, featuring a range of age-friendly, gerontech and healthcare products that help seniors to live better and comfortably at home.

To facilitate the local development of Care Food, Kerry Group has sponsored The Hong Kong Council of Social Service  to develop a local Care Food Standard and provide community education.

As a means to support our colleagues in their caregiving journeys, we have created the 'Happy Carers' Facebook Group, to provide useful information, support and events for carers. Interested colleagues can feel free to join.

Colleagues' Sharing After the Workshop
Miu Wong - Kerry Logistics

"My father usually eats diced or soft food. I’ve watched a TV show regarding softmeal for seniors, and I was genuinely touched. It enables elderly to eat with dignity and joy, without sacrificing taste, smell or color."

Lydia Choi - Kerry Properties
"I love cooking, but I’ve never heard of “soft meal” before. It’s a new and intriguing experience for me and my daughter. We get to know the latest and coolest senior-friendly home equipment as well. "