08 Aug 2023 - 15 Aug 2023
Shall We Talk Big Sister Scheme

Kerry Group Jigsaw volunteer team joined hands with Caritas Pelletier Hall to host 2 mental wellness workshops for 16 girls residents aged 10-15. Our volunteers accompanied the youths to participate in the LEGO workshops while guiding the girls through a process of self-values exploration.

Apart from the "May It Rain" film-appreciating sessions, we also invited an actress who has a similar background with the girls, to share her journey and encourage them to step out of the comfort zones.

About Caritas Pelletier Hall 
Caritas Pelletier Hall provides temporary home and care for teen girls with complicated family backgrounds and mild mental & behavioural issues. 

About microfilm “May It Rain”
“May It Rain” is a micro-film about mental health. It is produced by Under Production, a social enterprise that provides opportunities for disadvantaged youths interested in movie production, to develop their technical skills and mental wellbeing. This initiative is supported by the Kerry Group.