'Fly High' Single Mom Buddy Program

A group of single moms aged 25-40 were given opportunities to return to school, pursue their interests and improve the chances of upward social mobility in the 'HKFWC's One Day We Can Fly'

Kerry Engagement will partner with Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres to launch a buddy program, to recruit volunteers for providing career advice, encouragements and companionships to these single moms through casual gatherings and phone or WhatsApp conversations.

This is an initiative supported by the Kerry Group. Through scholarships, single moms are able to continue developing their talents, establish self-confidence and improve their job opportunities by obtaining tertiary education.

Program Details:
#1: Online Briefing Session for Volunteers
- 18 Aug 2023 (Fri) | 1300-1345

#2: Single Mom and Volunteers Gathering (attend at least twice)
- 26 Aug 2023 (Sat) | 1430-1700
- 11 Nov 2023 (Sat) | 1430-1700
- 16 Dec 2023 (Sat) | 1430-1700 (Christmas Party)

#3: Regular Communications (at lease once a month)
- Keep in touch via volunteers' preferred format (e.g. phone/ WhatsApp/ online/ in-person)

Volunteers Requirement:
- Welcome Cantonese-speaking female volunteers aged 25+
- Priority will be given to those who

  • have relevant experience/ knowledge in hospitality/ early childhood education/ designs and healthcare industries
  • are willing to provide care and support to single moms regularly

*The matching will be based on volunteer's career experience and interests. 




- Welcome Cantonese-speaking female volunteers aged 25 or above.
- Colleague are welcome to bring their family/ friends to join.
- If the number of registrants exceeds the quota (12 volunteers in total), we will allocate spots by suitability. 
- Registration deadline:  4 Aug 2023 (Fri)