Family & Wellbeing
Raindrop Hotline - 24 hour support to your mental health

Raindrop 24-hour counselling hotline are all ears for you and your family members.

We understand and respect that each colleague have their own obligations and responsibilities in life, and it could be daunting at times. Raindrop hotline is here to help you manage your own feelings when times get tough - including sharing tips for resolving conflicts and calming things down in your family, work and personal relationships.

Apart from that, if you are taking care of your parents or kids, and is having a hard time to find out the community services around you, you are welcome to call too! 

Call Raindrop Hotline at 5406 3770. Ready for you anywhere, anytime.

【How can Raindrop Hotline help?】
- Help you / your direct family members to cope with stress
- Help you get through disputes in work & relationships
- Help you find available community resources around you
- Provide free, credible and confidential counselling service
- Provide face to face meeting upon request

【Counselling Area】
- Work-related : Work environment, career development, retirement plan
- Social : Social skills, interpersonal skills, conflict management
- Family:  Cross generation communication, parenting skills, marital relationship
- Personal: Emotion management, handling adversity, self-understanding



- Hotline is open for Kerry Group's Hong Kong colleagues and direct family members only.

- All the call records will be kept confidential from your employer.

- The hotline service is provided by professional counsellors from Vital Employee Service Consultancy.

- When the lines are busy, calls will be directed via paging service and counsellors will return calls as soon as possible.